About Author

Name: Tangfulin
Gender: Male

Contact:tangfulin AT gmail.com 138-1120-1949
Addr:18F, Ideal International Plaza, No.58 Northwest 4th Ring Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Educational background:
2003.9-2007.6 B.C., Dept. of Computer Science, Beijing Normal University,Beijing

Rewards at school:
2005.10 Copper prize in The 30th ACM/ICPC Regional Contest on Beijing Site

Language skills:
Chinese as mother tongue;
Have a good command of both spoken and written English, Past CET6 in 2004

Work skills:
Can programming with Java, PHP, C, good at Java and PHP, Studying Python;
Has good experience of maintaining Linux server;
Used Lucene;
TCP/UDP server programming by C under Linux

Work experience :
Sina Weibo, 2010.12-Now, team leader, in charge of many base component like url shorter service t.cn, counter service, friendship graph service etc.


Weibo SOA framework and migration, 2012.10-Now, 5 people Team, Architect, responsible for architecture design, participate in engineer,

Weibo new feed architecture, 2012.4-2012.12, 4 people Team, Architect, redesign the core feed polymerization function, code name Poly

Weibo private cloud, 2012.12-Now, long term project, Architect, sub project manager, eg cache service, queue service, config service, Tomcat service etc

Weibo Abnormal Test System, 2013.1-2013.4, cross team project, Architect and manager, like Chaos Monkey in Netflix, make sure 99.999% usability of Weibo, code name Touchstone

Sina Mail, 2009.12-2010.12, team leader, in charge of Mail Search Team, and Net Disk Team

12530.com, 2009.10-2009.12, Music Search for 12530.com

iMobile, 2009.2-2009.10, Data Access Layer by Java, Lucene based in site search service.

tencent at Shenzhen, 2008.10-2009.1, Qzone, http://daren.qq.com Core developer .

Sina Corp:
SINA Community, 2008.4-2008.10, http://v.sina.com.cn , maintaining, architecture reconstructing. Shift to R&D department since June, taking part in Sort Server Project, Sex Picture Detect Project, Online Status Record sub-project of New Single Sign On project and Sina Simple Storage Service Project sequencely .
Iask Video Search, 2006.7-2006.10, http://v.iask.com , in charge of most front pages written by php, and data analysis for TOP N list.
Sina Pay, 2007.10-2008.4 , http://pay.sina.com.cn , core developer, in charge of building dev env, test env, writing base libs, and part of front pages .
Iask Video Search, 2007.1-2007.10, in charge of the backend of the search engine, daily claw for new videos, and some second-round development of lucene
Sina Podcast, 2006.10-2007.1, http://v.sina.com.cn , video sharing function separated from original v.iask.com , but other functions like storing and searching are still at v.iask.com . I am responsible for the interfaces between these two sites , including storage and search interfaces ( http://search.you.video.sina.com.cn ).

Expectation job:
Team Leader, Project manager, Architecture design, Base component of Internet, high performance servers, Lucene based site search, C programming under Linux, search engine, distributed algorithms, etc.